45 ways to Increase the average value per transactions

Up selling

Cross selling

Down selling

Use checklist

Use questionnaires and surveys

Create payment advantages to your customers

Sell unique products/services

Reorganize the space in your store

Open new selling points

Impulse shopping/simply ask ad offer them to buy more

Products packaging

Offer shopping deals for large quantities

Offer advantages for purchases over x no of  value

Make clients aware of full range of products and services

Sell extended warranties

Educate your customers

Work only with type A and B customers

Don’t offer you’re your products to Type c & D class of customers

Accept returning of new products to old products

Charge for the package/bag/handling

Increase the selling price

Ask customers what they want to buy from

Calculate and measure  your average value per transactions

Stop offering discounts

Provide plus value

Offer special offer with deadline

Alarm offers or deals

Offer 3 +1 deals

Offer buy one and get 2

Educate clients to loom at the benefits and not at price

Offer some thing for free if they buy something more expensive

Create an incentive system for employees based on sale

Improve the image of your store,your website your cars,and your employees

Show always the most expensive product

Impose a minimum value per shopping

Accept payments in instalments

Offer home delivery

Offer risk reversal

Treat each client in a special and personal way based on his own needs

Organize contexts with prizes for those who buy the most in a defined period of time

Offer free sample for new products and services

Offer complimentary products and services (presale/post sale)

Calculate the residual value of customers (the life of a customer)

Offer affiliate solutions and help your customers to sell more to their customers

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