50 Tactics to Increase Average Sales

  1. Provide high-quality products and services.”
  2. Create a Unique Experience for Customers & Make customers feel special
  3. Promise less and exceed them
  4. Maintain consistency, reliability and dependability
  5. Consistently stay in touch with clients
  6. Educate and inform customers about our complete range of products and services.
  7. Widens range and variety of products and services
  8. Maintain fresh products
  9. Ensure availability of stocks all time
  10. Invent, Innovate and develop new products
  11. Offer clients the option to subscribe to monthly contracts for purchasing products and services
  12. Introduce a weekly/monthly featured product to the market.
  13. Politely encourage or invite customers to make frequent purchases from you
  14. consistently send newsletters
  15. Utilize scheduled newsletters and automated responders
  16. provide VIP loyalty cards or standard loyalty card with discounts
  17. Form partnerships with companies that offer complementary products
  18. Create a comprehensive database with extensive customer and market information.”
  19. Introduce Promotional offers everyday
  20. facilitate and Enable presale
  21. Conduct campaigns to re-engage inactive customers.

22.Foster in your customers the sense of being part of something unique and valuable.

23.Provide a welcome package

24.Establish a club or mastermind group for your customers

25.Implement a follow-up system and express gratitude after each transaction

26.Establish a periodic feedback system to inquire about clients’ experiences with the products or services they have purchased.

27.Personally express gratitude and provide gifts to customers who make on-time payments

28.Send well-wishes on special occasions, greetings on special occasions

29.Consistently send updates about new products and services

30.Persist and Continue your efforts until you receive a response

31. extensively Use telemarketing follow-up

32. periodic use of SMS marketing and follow-up

33.Organize contests, and challenges among clients

34.Arrange special events for clients who have become inactive.

35.Organise special events for active clients

36. Conduct exclusive, invitation-only sales events for specific customer groups.

37.Arrange demonstrations

38.Provide complimentary updates and upgrades

39.Update periodically    data base and get info about customers

40.Offer free trial and try and buy campaigns

41.Provide special training for your team

42.Provide a communication calendar

43.Offer a system that provides automatic remainder for customers maintenance needs

44.Provide coupons in advance for future purchases

45.Provide benefits for certain no of transactions

46.Set up notification systems ( email, fax, news letter)

47.Offer possibility to buy back and upgrade

48.Special offers on special occasions

49.Offer a special program for loyal customers

50.Provide free valuable information, free advises, and free solutions

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