50 Channels To Drive More Traffic to your business


Social media and advertising on social media

Google AdWords

Google maps

Google trends

Video on you tube

Advertising on video sites

A big blog with trips and tricks

News letter and auto responder



Online banners

Business cards

Brochures and catalogues



Mobile applications

E bay or cliassified adverts

-e commerce websites

Directory websites

Own sales people


Radio and TV

Data bases of list of companies

Strategic alliances

Seminars and promotional events

Exhibitions, fairs and conferences

Networking and exchange of business cards

Your nische magazines

The local or national news papers

Open doors/gates events

Membership in working clubs

New selling points

Changing business locations

Press release and press conferences

Web directories


Coupons in supermarket magazines

Advertising on taxi, cinema, bus, metro


On shop windows

Advertising on company cars


Advertising on company cars

Advertising in car larking areas with high traffic

Advertising on shirts, hats, bracelets etc

Signs with lights

Sidewalk signs

Demonstrations in shopping center’s


Magnets for refrigerators

Banners on buildings

Cold calling

Tele marketing

Contests with raffles with prizes

Direct mail

cross marketing

fax marketing

signature on e mail

notes papers with header and  footer inserts

QR code

E books and book

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